You’ve probably heard of or even met a person who describes himself/herself as a blogger. Blogging is an activity of writing or creating content on a website. However, blogging also comes in many forms outside writing , such as video blogging. In this internet era we are living in, more and more people are taking up blogging as a full time job. A blogger specializes in a specific theme such as fitness, fashion, politics, education and many other areas.

Typically, individuals may choose to become bloggers to make money, express themselves , or share their views and opinions with their readers.

The following are some of the reasons why I believe blogging should be fun:

#You are your own boss

Blogging is not like an office job where you are bulldozed around by your boss. A blogger does not work for anyone and you’ll have much flexibility as you can work anywhere. Besides, nobody dictates the number of hours you have to work. Provided you have a good internet connection , a reliable computer and good writing skills, you are good to go.

#You are always updated

Blogging always has a thrill of discovery. It’s a profession that involves hunting for exciting facts and information. Therefore, you’ll learn so much in the process of sharing content with your readers.

#Blogging improves your imagination and creativity

Blogging requires that you think outside the box and mix words, thoughts and images to create something good for your readers. Doing this for some time, you’ll find yourself being more imaginative and creative. Obviously , this will translate to more money.

#Blogging gives you a good reputation.

Blogging is not a profession like any other. It’s actually very different. It makes you stand out among other common people. Besides, if you are so good at it, you’ll definitely start getting viral within a very short period of time . As an accomplished blogger, you’ll start featuring on local shows and channels for interviews.

#New friendships and relationships

Being a blogger opens up your doors to new people. This gives you an opportunity to learn new things from other people.

Blogging does not require one to be a graduate from an esteemed college to be able to do it. It comes naturally. Any person with superb writing skills and knowledgeable in a particular niche can become a blogger.




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