wine tasting

Wine tasting is so very common these days, whereas people have been tasting wine for centuries. Wine is being produced everyday with different people and all over the world. Putting that in mind there are a few things that you should put in mind about wine tasting.

1.Wine tasting will help you find out the type of wine you like or do not like. Therefore the more wines you taste the more you explore. The wine that you like today might be what you will hate in like two or three months to come. Wine evaluation is mostly done in groups whereas taking wine with food is mostly done for pleasure.

2.Always have a plan – when tasting wine it is always paramount have a plan. For example you could start with red wine made with a certain variety and identify the comparisons between five or even more, then go to another like white wine.

3.Take notes – there is no better way to remember something than jotting it down. After tasting you might not remember everything the following day so it is very advisable to note down how you feel about the wine and probably rate it on a scale of one to ten.

4.Always try something new – when tasting wine, do not stick to a certain wine. You will meet a lot of varieties of wine and you should always try them you could end up discovering your new favourite wine.

5.Always ask questions – no one has ever been stupid for asking questions and by this you get to learn something new. The host of the wine tasting even is always there to answer all kinds of questions and guide you in everything about the wine.

6.Cleanse your glass with water after every tasting – if there is water or anything that you can clean your glass in between tastings the better. This will give you a clearer taste of the wines because the glass will be clean.

7.Do not be afraid to give your opinion – there is never right or wrong answer in wine tasting. Never fear to voice out your opinion with the guests and hosts.

8.Do not wear perfume –when turning up for a wine tasting event do not wear a very strong scented perfume. It makes it difficult for people to taste and actually smell the wine while they are near you.

9.Do not go on an empty stomach – you should always have a meal before wine tasting. As much as you may not be swallowing all the small sips could end up making you drunk.

Whether you are an expert or a newbie in wine tasting is a very delightful journey this is because you end up exploring the world’s famous wines. Wine tasting is enjoyable so have fun and if you wish you could document your experience. The above tips will always help you wen attending a wine tasting event.