Top 5 Fashionable Brands to Pay Attention to

In the previous year, the fashions huge names delivered controversial trends as well as polarizing their designs. Despite all this, fans of style responded with great enthusiasm, queuing at the clothes store and purchasing all the most preferred pieces from their best brands.
Becoming an extremely wanted fashion brand does not only involve pushing the perfect products anymore. As a fashion brand, you should offer designs that consistently impress your consumers, the other thing that you should consider doing is continuously creating buzz.

Here are the best top 5 rated brands in the past year.


1. Gucci. Knocking contemporary streetwear brand Garments took off the first position, the Alessandro Michele’s maximalist magpie product saw Gucci coming in at the top spot.It rose three places in the rank from the previous ranking done before. It did not only become number one, but it was also rated as the uppermost in the Top products report, winning four spots out of the likely ten. Gucci toped because the brand owner Michele could connect with Gen-Z buyers and millennial.

2.Yeezy. It is the second time for Yeezy to be the second position again. It is because of buzz that surrounded its footwear offering helping the brand to retain its second place.

3. Balenciaga. It was position nine in the last rating. Currently, it is rated at the third spot. Due to its brand’s fashion insider take on their branding, which they included, riffs on Bernie Sanders presidential campaign is what contributed to this success.

4. In the fourth position was Vetements, which is another brand from Gvasalia. For Vetements, being in the fourth place was a drop from the first post in the past rating.

5. Givenchy. It was a vast improvement for this product. In the previous grading, Givenchy brand was rated as position twelve. Currently, it was rated as position five. It was a vast improvement going up with seven spots.

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