ljubjana slovenia

ljubjana sloveniaThe winery is situated on a family estate in the heart of the Goriška Brda wine-growing district, which lies on Alpine foothills with a strong Mediterranean influence. Our wines mature in the fully restored Chateau Dorišče, home to one of the oldest cellars far and wide . The chateau was built by the Counts of Gorizia in the 13th century, when it bore the name Wyglan. Records from 1288 speak of Rovanus de Biglola, those from 1307 of Martin de Bilana and his son Fosch and those from 1341 of the knight Leonard from Biljana. At the end of the 15th century, the chateau was bought by the aristocratic Orson family. The Edling noblemen of Gorizia were its next owners, followed by the Lords of Dornberk. (source: Jakič, I. (1999): The Castles of Slovenia, DZS.). The chateau is now in the possession of Miran Sirk and his family. Along with the surrounding estate, it was purchased by his grand grandfather Franc Obljubek following the World War One.