vino terra

vino terraThe Vinoterra Story

Established in 2000, VinoTerra Importers, LLC is an importer of wine from family owned vineyards. With a focus on Italy and Portugal, Vinoterra also imports from Spain, Slovenia and a very special Bodega in Las Parras, Mexico. The Company objective is to bring to the US market wines of quality that present a good value to the consumer and have a story to tell about their origin.

At Vinoterra we look for wines that are representative of their particular region and are true products of their local soils and climates. We look for producers who value the traditions of winemaking and at the same time are adept in the application of modern technology to the art of modern winemaking. From selective pruning to stainless steel fermentation their winemaking is an artful blending of the lessons of the past with today’s sophisticated wine making techniques.

The focus of these farms makes is directed to the intensive care and management of the vines that leads to yields of concentrated fruits and emphasize the distinctive characteristics of the local grapes. In an era of globally uniform products, Vinoterra selected wines maintain their heritage and express their distinctive local characteristics.

Vinoterra wines bring to your table the richness of old world traditions at great new world values