Most people are struggling with vices that started out as harmless but over time they became dangerous and harmful. When they get out of hand they pose a very huge risk. In order to take control of their life, some people seek for professional help while other’s break these habits by themselves and win. It needs a lot of will power and motivation just to get your life back on track. Below are some simple rules to help you organize and get your life back. 1. Writing down important dates or information.

Everyday people absorb a huge amount of information into their brain, making it very difficult to remember some things. You can really disorganize yourself when you forget an important date or piece of information. Writing them down makes it easy to remind yourself. You can buy a small note book that can easily fit into your pocket. You can also add a reminder on your phone so that it can automatically update you.

2. Cleaning up after your mess.

There are a lot of benefits of cleaning up after yourself after making a mess. Procrastination only piles up the mess and you will be forced to clean up a lot of the mess later. This may disorganize you and a lot of time may be wasted in cleaning up.

3. Exercising regularly.

Exercises are very important for the human body. Not only is regular exercises good for the health of the body but it is also good for the mental health. Your body becomes very active and very energetic making it easy to organize yourself when you regularly exercise.

4. Tracking your expenditure.

Finances affect a huge part of your life, when you organize well your finances organizing yourself becomes easy. Tracking your expenditure on a daily basis helps you know where you waste your money and how you can redirect this money to more important matters and improve yourself.

5. Planing or scheduling everything.

Disorder comes about because there is no plan as to how your time should be spent. Planning or making a daily schedule helps you prioritize important things helping you not to forget. Scheduling keeps you on toes since everything is planned out and you can’t afford to waste time.

6. Thinking about tomorrow. Most people do not think about the consequences of their actions. Thinking about tomorrow and the results of your actions on your life it becomes easy to drop some harmful vices.
7. Using your wrist watch to check time instead of your phone.

Time is money, however sometimes we don’t mean to waste it. Even though people today check time on their phone time management has not been that good. Getting a wrist watch could make you more time conscience.

8. Setting goals
Goals are personal targets. Setting personal goals keeps you on your toes. You become more active since you have goals to attain. It becomes easy to organize yourself since you are not idle.

9. Staying away from negative people. Negativity can be contagious, negative people can discourage you from getting your life on track and improve your life. In order to be more organized you need to surround yourself with people who add you value. Being around people who motivate you make you a better person.

10. Consistency.

Being orderly cant be done in one day, it is a habit that is gained over time. To make your life more organized you need to be consistent with habits that make you better and organized.

Summary. Holding on to bad habits that destroy or make your life hard is a sure path to destruction. If setting rules will help you organize yourself then well and good. However if it doesn’t work it is advisable to seek help from family, friends or even a professional.



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