mexicoCasa Madero 1597 – The oldest winery in the American Hemisphere

The tradition of winemaking in the Americas began in the year 1574 with the discovery of the Valle de Parras or the Valley of Vines, an oasis with springs of water and a great profusion of wild vines.

 One of the original settlers, Don Lorenzo Garcia, solicited a deed from King Philip II of Spain for a land grant which he received on August 18, 1597. Thus was born the Hacienda de San Lorenzo today known as Casa Madero.

 Thanks to the quality of the soil, an elevation of 1,505 meters and a relatively cool climate the Valle de Parras produced wines of a quality that challenged the wines being produced in Spain. Fearing competition from the colonies, the King of Spain, in 1699, prohibited the production of wine in all of Spanish America except that produced for the church. The prohibition lasted through Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1810. The winery survived by producing wines for the Church during this time.

 The property passed through various owners and in 1893 the property was purchased from  a French Company by Don Evaristi Madero the progentor of the family Madero and the grandfather of President Francisco I. Madero who in 1910 established the foundation of modern Mexico.

 Today, with the improved varieties of grapes and modern equipment The Madero family is producing wine of a superior quality and has become a leader in the production of wine and brandy in Mexico.