Tired of all the negativity in the news lately? Well here is a post that is bound to make your day brighter. Especially if you’re a huge travel buff. Even if you aren’t, beautiful places are always fun to look at.



So what are our favorite places? Needless to say the editorial team at Vinoterra ave diverse interest and thus very different favorites. So we got every team member to give us their favorite and we believe we came up with a fairly representative list of places that would give everyone at least one place they would be interested in.

Salt fields of Hon Khoi

Salt harvesting at sunrise

You wouldn’t think people going about their jobs would make for such beauty, but the picture above says it all really. The salt fields of Hon Khoi in Vietnam are increasingly becoming a bigger and bigger attraction because of the country’s naturally beautiful shores. Peak season is between March and July when the summer heat leads to mountains of white salt that are a site to behold.


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